My trip to my cousin’s house.

On Friday I went to my cousin’s house. We stayed there for a few minutes before we left to watch the movie storks with my cousin’s. We had a great time watching the movie. After we went to a park with my cousin’s, we rode our bikes there. We played there for thirty minutes before we went back to there house we played until it was late in the night. Then we went home.


Dear Mother earth

Dear Mother earth,

i’m going to recycle paper,bottles and jars to save you.

Also going to make people stop picking flowers and leaves of trees. We are going to plant trees and make a new Veggie patch  to grow food.

I’m going to try pick up lots of rubbish so the world isn’t filled with rubbish.

I’m going to try convince people to not cut down trees.

How can you save the world?fall-movie-night-lorax-poster-231x300

from Saptha             2_2c80rxq


How the forest ecosystem works

The Forest Ecosystem


Have you ever wondered what the forest ecosystem is made up of? Well it’s made up of trees, plants and of course animals.


Half of the world’s species and plants live in the tropical rainforest.

Plants grow side by side in rainforests. Most marine animals are birds.


The layers of the rainforest are emergent, upper, canopy, understory and forest floor. Tall trees grow in forests so not all the rain comes down.


Insects, bacteria and fungi can make plants and animals dead by the effect that they make. Tropical rainforests can be found in three major geographical areas. The weather is humid sometimes in forests.


Plants in forests can die from diseases and insect infection. The tropical rainforest have the most different types of trees than any other places in the world. Insects make up the largest group of animals in a rain forest.


And that’s how the forest system works.


By Saptha


Excursion to botanical gardens and federation squre

On Monday, 15th of August at 9am I went on a Excursion to botanical gardens and federation square. It took about 45 minutes to get to the botanical gardens we ate our snack. Then we had a some welcome which indigenous Australian did back 200 hundred years ago did to welcome people to their homes then we learnt about indigenous Australian then we so these tree it had beetles living on it and there where beetels with there buts stuck together it was creepy. Then they gave us string that indigenous Australian used we had to twist the string that was fun then some of us went to some of the river where there was a black swan it was beautiful then we went to paint a aboriginal painting made with this rock you had to crush it until it was powder then you mix lots of water into it until sloppy enough then you use your finger or stick to paint with that was cool then we ate our lunch and got to play a little. Then we went on a bus to federation square when we got there a indigenous Australian showed us around we even got to eat this sweet thing from this tree, it tasted like sugar then we saw this other tree which was also a aboriginal plant. Then we went to see the possum fur and kangaroo fur there was even a soccer ball made out of possum fur. Then we got we had to what for the other class to finish then we went on the bus back to school and that’s the end of my Excursion



The digestive system incursion


Today I went on incursion about the  digestive system.


The mouth is the first part of the digestive system.

The mouth has to chew up food with saliva that comes in when you chew.

The saliva has an important job in the  digestive system.The saliva cruncher sugar from lollies it does most work on food that has sugar in it.

 Taste bode

The taste bode is on the tongue it taste all the things that we eat and pushers all the food that we eat into the oesophagus.


The oesophagus is wear all the food goes after the mouth. The oesophagus is where the muscular tube pushers all the food down. You might not feel it but it is true!


The Stonch is where all your food goes after the  oesophagus all your food stays in there for three two four hours. The Stonch has four layers there are two inside layer and two outside layers.


Then we went two are tables and my partner was Eboni we had to put bread in a plastic bag with water and squish them together Isaac and leonardo were also on our table. Then we went back onto the floor.


Then we went to the floor and talk about the small intestine the bile  that enters the small intestine that tens it brown.


Then we went back to our table. We added cocoa to make it browb then we tipped it into a cup with a cloth so only the water went in then we open it and it look like poo. Then we had to go to school.


The end