The digestive system incursion


Today I went on incursion about the  digestive system.


The mouth is the first part of the digestive system.

The mouth has to chew up food with saliva that comes in when you chew.

The saliva has an important job in the  digestive system.The saliva cruncher sugar from lollies it does most work on food that has sugar in it.

 Taste bode

The taste bode is on the tongue it taste all the things that we eat and pushers all the food that we eat into the oesophagus.


The oesophagus is wear all the food goes after the mouth. The oesophagus is where the muscular tube pushers all the food down. You might not feel it but it is true!


The Stonch is where all your food goes after the  oesophagus all your food stays in there for three two four hours. The Stonch has four layers there are two inside layer and two outside layers.


Then we went two are tables and my partner was Eboni we had to put bread in a plastic bag with water and squish them together Isaac and leonardo were also on our table. Then we went back onto the floor.


Then we went to the floor and talk about the small intestine the bile  that enters the small intestine that tens it brown.


Then we went back to our table. We added cocoa to make it browb then we tipped it into a cup with a cloth so only the water went in then we open it and it look like poo. Then we had to go to school.


The end


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