6 thoughts on “The Digestive system

  1. Dear Saptha,
    I love your post it has lots of information in it and I also like the colours
    I think you should have put a little bit more information but I think it’s very good
    From Eboni

  2. Dear Saptha,
    I think your Digestive system report is amazing!
    Because I liked how you said the muscles push the food down into the esophagus!
    I never knew that!!!
    From Iris

  3. Hi Saptha
    Like your Digestive system report.
    I just think you should put in some thing about the
    Intestines. and there are things
    I did not know in that report.
    From Orlagh

  4. Hi Saptha,
    I loved your the digestive system especially the two inner layers because I did not know that there were two inner layers. Very interesting!!!!
    From Sophia

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