How the forest ecosystem works

The Forest Ecosystem


Have you ever wondered what the forest ecosystem is made up of? Well it’s made up of trees, plants and of course animals.


Half of the world’s species and plants live in the tropical rainforest.

Plants grow side by side in rainforests. Most marine animals are birds.


The layers of the rainforest are emergent, upper, canopy, understory and forest floor. Tall trees grow in forests so not all the rain comes down.


Insects, bacteria and fungi can make plants and animals dead by the effect that they make. Tropical rainforests can be found in three major geographical areas. The weather is humid sometimes in forests.


Plants in forests can die from diseases and insect infection. The tropical rainforest have the most different types of trees than any other places in the world. Insects make up the largest group of animals in a rain forest.


And that’s how the forest system works.


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