Dear Mother earth

Dear Mother earth,

i’m going to recycle paper,bottles and jars to save you.

Also going to make people stop picking flowers and leaves of trees. We are going to plant trees and make a new Veggie patch  to grow food.

I’m going to try pick up lots of rubbish so the world isn’t filled with rubbish.

I’m going to try convince people to not cut down trees.

How can you save the world?fall-movie-night-lorax-poster-231x300

from Saptha             2_2c80rxq

2 thoughts on “Dear Mother earth

  1. Hi Saptha,
    I like that you put in reason to the sentence and said to reycel papers,bottom and jars to. We can save the earth is not to put ribbon in the recycle bin we put it in the ribbon bin.
    – Kalani

  2. To Saptha,
    Hi Saptha!! I really like your post and
    especially the questing “How can you
    save the world”. Great work!!!
    From Sophia

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